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Reduce Waste.
Optimize Production.
Innovative Materials.

Modern Solutions For Modern Packaging

Domestic Manufacturing + Distribution

20+ Materials Available

In-House Solutions


What We Offer

 As the global packaging industry grows and evolves, Moonflower brings innovative solutions to carry it forward - from more sustainably sourced materials 

to in-house autonomous production.


Why Choose Moonflower Pack

High Quality, Food Safe Materials

FDA, Food Safe materials for the flexible packaging industry. We meet the market with 100% Recyclable PET and Plastic Free Paper, while qualifying alternative materials that are fully compostable, bio-based, and custom material constructions. 


We provide full top down service, working with you one on one to optimize your production and minimize your overhead.

Cutting Edge Machinery

We work with large facilities and independent business owners to finance, install and scale their machine lines with top end machines for every stage of the packaging process.

Experienced Technical Field Service Team

We have a highly skilled technical support team with a combined 50+ years in the business  specializing in the digital print and flexible packaging world. 

We Keep Top Notch Materials

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Manufacturing Partners



  • How to place an order?
    For all inquiry's please email
  • Are you domestic?
    Yes! US based with distribution centers across North America. Our material supply line and machine partners are produced in various international countries.....
  • Who produces the material?
    We work with material manufacturers around the globe and domestically to distribute the highest quality packaging materials and top sustainable options. We work with the manufacturers we represent to qualify materials to earn highest efficiency marks with digital print and converting machine lines for the flexible packaging industry. When we generate your quote we provide in depth spec sheets. We run ongoing R&D with multiple producers to continuously evolve and advance USA produced biobased materials.
  • Is there technical service for machine install with on-going service?
    Yes! We will arrange a technical field service member for machine installion with two-day training. Moonflower Pack provides on-demand service with operational videos and library for common troubleshooting. Or you can always schedule maintenance calls or in-person requests with one of our experts. Email:
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