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Who We Are

Founded in 2020, MOONFLOWER PACK is an independently owned Digital Supply House based on the West Coast. Our hallmark principles include meeting and exceeding our client's wishes and requests, selling a large selection of top quality products at fair prices, and bringing wide access to environmentally friendly materials and production practices.


Our Mission

To reduce waste by bringing ingenuity and invention to the way packaging is produced, designed and distributed by leveraging cutting edge technology and top quality materials. 

Core Values


We continuously work with R&D to qualify materials to streamline the packaging process, focusing on sustainable materials, systems  and waste reduction.


We are up front and hands on with our clients, giving them the most up to date pricing and information in a clear and timely manner. 


We are available to help with any and all needs for operations of any size. Through optimizing local production and distribution networks, we are focused on getting the best materials and systems widely accessible into the market at all levels. 

“The people who succeed are irrationally passionate about something.”

-Naval Ravikant

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